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Having kicked off a junk car removal business in Newcastle, we have taken little time to reach the apex of the industry. Top Cash for Scrap Cars has become a trusted name in Newcastle and nearby suburbs as we offer the best cash value for junk cars.

Our reputation and overwhelming popularity are attributable to our customer-focused service and swift car removal process. Our lucrative offer for junk car removal is one of the best you will find in and around Newcastle.

At Top Cash for Scrap Cars, we offer you real value for your junk cars. For every scrap car you sell to us, you receive cash on the spot. Even if it isn’t working or registered, you will still get paid.

Same Day Removal Plus Instant Cash

Our junk car removal Newcastle service offers real cash for all kinds of junk cars and we can also ensure that your car is removed on the same day you requested for a quotation. We are easily reachable at any time and we can schedule a removal over the phone.

Our valuation system is purely based on your car’s current conditions. You can trust us to offer you the best deals even for the most useless vehicles.

Our Scrap Yard Wants Your Junk Car

Let us worry about the piling of the junks. Yes, they are useless to you and considered waste but you do not need to worry anymore. We have our yard for scrap cars.

Even if you are bringing all the junk cars in the whole of Newcastle and even in neighbouring cities, we have the capacity for them.

We Buy & Remove Junk Cars

Contact us now for a quick sale and fast car removal.

We Tow For Free

Consider it a bonus from us. We will go and tow your car wherever it is laying without collecting a dime from you. This is to assure you that the fairest deal is what you will get from Top Cash for Scrap Cars.

We Are in a League of Our Own

First, you might find it difficult to see a company that quotes the price we offer. Our quotation is often regarded as a true reflection of your car’s worth. 

The expertise our staff exhibit in discharging their functions is also a reason you should consider us above others.

Our experience in this business is unparalleled and this gives us the edge over others. Our response to your call will convince you of our level of expertise and experience.

Reach Us via Phone or Email Today

As long as you are with your phone, we remain within reach because we are just a dial away. You can call us today and instantly get connected to our professional customer service agent who is keenly waiting for your call.

If you prefer an email, contact us still and you will promptly be responded to.

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