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It’s amazing how the Australian car scrapping business keeps growing. According to statistics, one of the most recycled products today are automobiles. This explains one reason why our car scrap yard in Newcastle is such a success.

We buy scrap cars in different conditions which means that whether your car is drivable or not, you can still make money out of it. Servicing a huge part of the NSW East Coast, from Gosford all the way up to Port Macquarie and all in between, we travel to you to remove your unwanted vehicle.

Once collected, your car is then disassembled by professionals before it can is responsibly disposed

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What Happens In Our Car Scrapyard?

When your car arrives after being towed to our wrecking yard, a lot takes place.

First, it is assessed by our expert auto wreckers to determine what is useful and what is junk. Then the sellable parts and fluids are removed, before the scrap metal is recycled.

Step 1 – Reusable Parts Are Removed

After the vehicle has been assessed carefully, all the spare parts that can be resold or recycled are separated from the shell of the vehicle. This could be the seats, lights, doors, windows, wheels or any other part. 

Step 2 – Fluids Are Drained

There are various fluids that are found in cars such as battery acid and coolants. In our Newcastle car scrapping yard, these fluids are drained safely.

Some of these fluids are dangerous and if they are not removed before the car is dismantled, they could lead to injuries or damage to the environment. Also, some are flammable and could lead to fires. 

Step 3 – Recycling Of The Scrap Metal

Once the fluids have been drained and the reusable parts removed, it comes to the point where many car owners hate. The shredding of the car. This is where your once loved possession is broken down into tiny pieces.

You can no longer identify the car. All this is done using the latest equipment and tools in the industry. Iron and steel are then separated for recycling.

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The Auto Recycling Business Needs Your Wreck

This is a business sector that is growing exponentially. It’s a busy industry with plenty of opportunities.

As there is increased competition our Newcastle car scrap yard will do what we can to meet your demands. This means you get the best price when selling your car to the wreckers.

We are constantly ensuring that we do not only have experienced staff, but we also follow industry standards and we always embrace the latest technologies. 

Do you have a scrap car in your home that you want to dispose of or wondering what to do with it? The best place for it is our reputable scrap yard. 

Call us now, we come to you, pay you a fair price and handle all the towing and removal.

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