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Have an eyesore of a vehicle rusting away on your Nelson Bay property? Selling it may seem impossible, but Top Cash for Scrap Cars is your one-stop-shop for unwanted car sales.

We have an in-house towing service, operated by licensed professionals, and we’ll pick up your unwanted car for free. Not only that, but we’ll pay you cold, hard cash matching its market value!

With a large service area spanning Nelson Bay, Taree, Newcastle, and more, Top Cash for Scrap Cars can help you get rid of your unsellable vehicle while giving you top-dollar for it.

Don’t waste your time with tire-kickers who aren’t sure whether or not they’ll buy your car. We accept everything regardless of make, model, or condition, and we always offer top-dollar.

Early callers get a same-day pickup, and we pay cash before we take the car away. Call us now!

We Buy & Remove Damaged Cars

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Best Nelson Bay Car Removal Services

We understand that selling your car can be a difficult process. You’ve made memories in that old rust bucket, and you want to know you’re doing more than just chucking it in a landfill.

Our towing team is licensed, insured, and highly-trained, and we pay cash before we tow it away. There’s no waiting for payments to clear with us.

We also don’t focus on reselling or disposing of your junk vehicle. We help the environment and several local industries by removing functioning parts and reusing them for other vehicles, and we scrap the core materials to be recycled.

This helps the steel and automotive industries, and it keeps your vehicle from contaminating the local environment.

We Buy Working Cars Too

Contact us now for a quick sale and fast car removal.

We Pay Fair Prices for All Vehicles

When you try to sell your rundown or totaled vehicle in a private sale, you’re unlikely to find a buyer. They want a deal on a vehicle that can run; not a rust bucket that can’t turn over.

We don’t focus on getting a deal or disposing of your vehicle. We’re a recycling-based company that breaks your vehicle into its core components, sells what’s usable, and recycles what isn’t.

This allows us to buy any car, regardless of make, model, or condition, at market value. Our partnerships with recycling leaders allow us to pay you a fair, generous price while still making a profit to stay open.

Don’t waste your time with low-ball offers. Get a fair, cash return for your vehicle with Top Cash for Scrap Cars.

Sell Your Wrecked Car for Cash

Contact us now for a quick sale and fast car removal.

Servicing All of Nelson Bay and Beyond

We don’t just serve the Nelson Bay community. Our tow team can provide free car removal services to all nearby locations spanning from Gosford and Hunter to Port Macquarie and all in between.

Each specialist is also trained to handle vehicle description confirmations and on-site cash payments to ensure you get paid immediately for your vehicle.

If you’re in Nelson Bay or any other nearby area, give Top Cash for Scrap Cars a call. We accept all vehicles regardless of make, model, or condition.

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