Why SUVs Are Gaining Popularity & Their Resale Value


Over the last few decades, SUVs have significantly transformed the landscape of the automotive world, especially in Australia.

Let’s delve into the reasons behind the increasing popularity of these vehicles and how they fare in terms of resale value.


The automobile industry has witnessed various trends over the years, but the consistent rise in the popularity of SUVs is a phenomenon that stands out.

In Australia, this trend has been particularly pronounced. Here, we’ll give an overview of the SUV market, discuss the ongoing trend, and outline what you can expect from this comprehensive post.

Overview of the SUV Market in Australia

Australia’s vast landscapes and varying terrains have made it an ideal location for vehicles that offer both comfort and capability.

With urban areas expanding and the call for adventure growing, the SUV market in Australia has seen a consistent rise in demand.

The Growing Trend of SUVs

Worldwide, and notably in Australia, SUVs have transitioned from being a niche vehicle type to mainstream.

Their varied sizes, from compact to full-sized, allow them to cater to a broader audience, making them a popular choice among different demographics.

The Rise of SUVs in Australia

The emergence and rise of SUVs in the Australian automotive market is a combination of historical events, market dynamics, and changing consumer preferences.

Historical Context

Historically, Australians have always had a penchant for rugged vehicles, given the country’s diverse terrains.

The traditional Ute was a testament to this preference. However, as urbanization increased, there was a need for vehicles that could serve both city commutes and off-road adventures.

SUVs, with their adaptable nature, fit this bill perfectly.

Current Market Trends

Recent market analysis indicates that SUVs now account for a significant portion of vehicle sales in Australia.

Their sales have surpassed traditional sedans, indicating a shift in consumer preference towards more versatile vehicles.

Factors Contributing to the Popularity of SUVs

The love for SUVs isn’t just a phase; it’s backed by tangible reasons that have been influenced by societal changes, technological advancements, and evolving consumer needs.

Why Australians Prefer SUVs

Australians have valid reasons for their growing affinity towards SUVs. From the spacious interiors to the superior safety features, here’s what makes SUVs a preferred choice.

Spaciousness and Comfort

SUVs offer ample space, not just for passengers but also for cargo.

This is especially beneficial for Australian families who often embark on long road trips, requiring room for luggage and recreational equipment.

Versatility and Practicality

From city streets to rugged outback trails, SUVs can handle various terrains, making them suitable for both urban dwellers and adventure seekers.

Safety Features

Modern SUVs are equipped with advanced safety features such as autonomous emergency braking, lane departure warnings, and more.

Their elevated driving position also provides better visibility, adding to their safety appeal.

Performance and Capability

While SUVs are bulkier than sedans, many models offer impressive performance, both on and off the road.

Additionally, features like all-wheel drive add to their capability, ensuring they perform well in different conditions.

Style and Prestige

Driving an SUV often comes with a sense of prestige. The bold designs, combined with luxury features in many models, make them a stylish choice for those looking to make a statement.

Understanding SUV Resale Value

When investing in a vehicle, one of the crucial factors many consider is its resale value. Let’s see how SUVs stack up in this regard.

What Determines Resale Value?

The resale value of a vehicle is influenced by factors such as brand reputation, vehicle condition, market demand, and technological features.

Given their popularity, SUVs tend to have a higher demand in the resale market, which can positively influence their resale value.

How SUVs Fare in Resale Value

Generally, well-maintained SUVs, especially popular models, have a robust resale value in Australia.

Their ongoing demand, combined with the longevity many models offer, ensures they fetch a good price in the second-hand market.

Tips for Maintaining SUV Resale Value

Regular maintenance, ensuring the vehicle’s exterior and interior are in good condition, and keeping a detailed service record can help in maintaining and even enhancing the resale value of your SUV.

SUVs vs Other Vehicle Types

While SUVs are reigning supreme in the current market, how do they compare with other vehicle types, especially in terms of resale value?

Comparative Analysis of Resale Values

When compared to traditional sedans or hatchbacks, SUVs often have a higher resale value, primarily due to their ongoing demand and versatility.

However, luxury SUVs might depreciate faster than luxury sedans, but they still typically have a higher absolute resale value.

Advantages of SUVs Over Other Vehicles

SUVs offer a unique blend of space, capability, and style.

Their ability to handle diverse terrains, combined with their spacious interiors, make them more appealing than traditional sedans or hatchbacks for many Australians.

Potential Drawbacks

While SUVs have many advantages, they also come with potential drawbacks such as higher fuel consumption and increased emissions compared to smaller vehicles.

It’s essential to weigh these factors when making a purchase decision.

Top Performing SUVs in the Australian Market

With numerous models available, which SUVs stand out in the Australian market?

Best SUVs for Resale Value

Brands like Toyota, Mazda, and Subaru often top the list when it comes to SUVs with strong resale values in Australia.

Models like the Toyota LandCruiser, Mazda CX-5, and Subaru Forester have consistently performed well in the resale market.

Popular Models Among Australians

The Toyota LandCruiser, Nissan X-Trail, and Hyundai Tucson are among the most popular SUV models in Australia, owing to their reliability, features, and overall performance.

What Makes These SUVs Stand Out

Consistent performance, advanced safety features, and a reputation for reliability make these SUV models stand out in the Australian market.

Their ability to cater to both city drives and off-road adventures adds to their appeal.

Future Trends and Predictions

What does the future hold for SUVs in Australia? Let’s explore some potential trends and predictions.

Continued Popularity of SUVs

Given the current trends and consumer preferences, SUVs are likely to continue their reign in the Australian automotive market.

Their versatility and practicality are unmatched, ensuring their ongoing appeal.

Potential Shifts in the Market

With increasing awareness of environmental issues, there might be a shift towards more fuel-efficient or hybrid SUV models.

Additionally, advancements in technology are likely to introduce new features and enhancements.

Advancements and Innovations

The automotive industry is rapidly evolving, and SUVs are no exception. We can expect to see more innovations in terms of performance, safety, and sustainability in the coming years.


As we have explored in this post, the popularity of SUVs in Australia is rooted in their versatility, performance, and the sense of safety and prestige they provide.

Furthermore, their robust resale value makes them a wise investment for many.

Recap of Key Points

SUVs have become a staple in the Australian automotive market, offering a blend of space, capability, and style.

Their strong resale values further add to their appeal, making them a preferred choice among Australians.

The Ongoing Appeal of SUVs

The love for SUVs in Australia is not just a trend; it’s a reflection of changing lifestyles and preferences. Their ability to cater to diverse needs ensures they remain a popular choice among Australians.

Final Thoughts on SUV Resale Value

When it comes to resale value, SUVs stand out in the Australian market. Keeping your vehicle well-maintained ensures you can maximise its resale value, making it a sound investment in the long run.

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