Cash for Unwanted Cars


Has your car passed its useful age? Is it no longer performing as it should? Do you just wish for it to be gone?

When your car is no longer wanted, you need to consider how you will get rid of it.

Welcome to our unwanted car removal service in Newcastle, Central Coast and Hunter Region.

Not only will we remove your vehicle, but better yet, we buy your unwanted car for cash!

We Buy & Remove Unwanted Cars

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Sell Your Unwanted Vehicles for Cash

Most people buy cars to move from one point to the other in a hassle-free manner. A car is convenient for those who travel a lot and for those with kids or a big family.

However, to maintain your car whichever model it is, you will have to pay for its service and maintenance. Even in spite of proper maintenance, the car will be irreparable or totally unserviceable at some point.

At this point, you wonder what to do with the vehicle and you just park it in the backyard. However, doing this puts your family and visitors in danger of injury or bites from vermin that may find a new area for breeding.

Time to get cash for unwanted cars in Newcastle or our other service areas.

Unwanted Car Removal Service

If your car has become unserviceable, it’s time to think about getting cash for unwanted cars. 

Besides the car being a safety hazard on your property, it will not be possible to sell your car in an unusable condition to an individual. No one wants to buy a car that they cannot use.

The moment you realize that your car has become useless, you should contact us. It’s unwanted by you but there is still some value and you should cash it in.

The best way to get cash for unwanted cars in Newcastle and our other service areas is to talk to us.

We recycle all vehicles. First, the scrap metals and the valuable spare parts are separated. Whatever is valuable in your car is used in repairing another one and that is how we earn our money.

We sell large amounts of scrap to scrap metal dealers to be recycled which is the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of a useless vehicle

Free Towing of Your Useless Car

Now that you are ready to sell your unwanted car, you are wondering how you are going to transport it. This is something that should not bother you as we have tow trucks on the road every day that are ready to pick up your vehicle. And of course, this is a free service. 

Avoid putting the residents of your home at risk of an unwanted car in your garage or backyard. Remember that it’s important that the environment is preserved.

By opting for cash for unwanted cars, we will be following the correct standards in Australia’s car recycling procedure. This keeps the environment clean while putting more dollars in your pockets. 

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