Do you want to make the most out of your junk cars? Newcastle and Central Coast locals know who to trust. For many years, Top Cash for Scrap Cars has paid for scrap and unwanted vehicles of any make, model, and condition. All you need to do is prove ownership of the vehicle. Then we makes the selling process easy and hassle-free. You have no reason to keep old vehicles messing with the anaesthetic presence of your home. Organise their removal with us. Our process is super simple. Just follow these three steps:

1. Get A Cash Offer For Your Car

Once you get in touch of us, our car removal customer care representatives will ask you essential details of the vehicle such as:

  • The make and model
  • The age of the vehicle
  • The condition of the car
  • Whether it still runs, or it’s scrap
  • The registration number of the car
  • The odometer reading of the vehicle

Give us accurate details to enable accurate quotation. We also give you options. You can always quote online or talk live to one of our car buyers. We are fast. In fact, often the deal can be closed on the same day of quoting. All these you can only get with an experienced company like us.

2. We Tow Your Vehicle With Our Car Removal Equipment

We use the address given to find your location. With our towing equipment, we shall gently pull and lift your vehicle carefully without damaging your premises. But before that, we shall assess the car to determine whether the details given match what we’ve seen. Don’t worry; it is for reviewing purposes, we will still buy your junk car.

3. Get Paid Instantly With Our Cash For Cars

Whether you prefer cash payment or bank transfer, it will be done immediately. The moment we’ve assessed your car and verified the specifications, the payment will be processed instantly.  The beauty of doing business with us is that you don’t have to wait.

With these simple steps, you are on your way to earning dollars from your junk car. Call Top Cash for Scrap Cars today and reclaim some extra dollars for your junk vehicle.

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